Healthcare Blue Book

Health Care Blue Book

Are you paying 4 times too much for care?


The Healthcare Blue Book is a free resource that helps patients and consumers understand what they should reasonably pay in their area for thousands of health care services ‐ from everyday doctor’s visits or dental appointments to MRI’s, knee surgeries and more.

Prices can vary a lot depending on which provider you choose and where you receive treatment.  It is not uncommon for prices for the same treatment to vary by over 500% ‐ with no difference in quality.

The Blue book is easy to use, and is designed to help all patients, including those with or without insurance, understand their treatment options, know what they should pay for care and obtain quality treatment at a fair price.  With deductibles and out of pocket costs increasing for most employees, it is more important than ever for consumers to know how much they should pay for services.

The Healthcare Blue Book was developed to help consumers save money on their healthcare purchases, without sacrificing quality. Costs can vary a lot even when using in‐network providers. The Blue Book offers consumers a wide range of information on how to talk to their provider about the right treatment, and how to use their provider network or other resources to find fair prices.

The Health Care Blue Book removes much of the technical jargon and makes fees easier to understand so patients can easily find what they should pay for a service, and then check with their provider on fees before receiving treatment.

Be sure to ask your agent for access to this CDHC cost savings tool today!